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God had a dream : to provide an example that would allow the world to be fed, to relieve the ill, to fill the senses and needs of all animals and humans.

The plant world was then created. Thus, animals and humans could blossom by using the oxygen, food, medication and a host of natural wonders offered by plants.

But to have access to all these treasures, humans would have to :

  • Preserve this reign in order to assure a continuous supply of biodiversity;
  • Educate people about the importance of the plant world to ensure their own survival
  • Conduct research in order to discover the many secrets hidden in plants;
  • Cultivate plants in a way that values their intrinsic importance for the pleasure of all senses.

Man would then have the responsibility to protect plants in their natural habitat (ex situ conservation) and also to value other forms of preservation (in situ conservation) in order to study, admire and learn from them.

Locally, many people have responded positively to the demand that was addressed which gave birth to the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. Thanks to those pioneers who recognized, over 20 years ago, the importance of building the New Brunswick Botanical Garden, here, at home.

Thanks to the leaders of the University of Moncton, Campus of Edmundston who accepted to manage the Botanical Garden operations for more than ten years in order to ensure its survival. A special mention to Professor Daniel Belanger, for the time and energy he invested in the management of the Garden.

Finally, thanks to the leaders of the City of Edmundston who have recognized, in April 2007, the importance of their involvement in preserving and developing this magnificent institution. We continue to encourage the promotion of our mission to locals and to all visitors which will allow for positive change on both a local and larger scale.

Jean Aucoin
President of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden Society Inc.
Director of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.