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Green Plan

Earth: green plan

Environmental education is encompassed within the New Brunswick Botanical Garden’s mission, not only on a local basis but also on a wider scale. This institution needs to become a leader in terms of environmental education and action. This is why a Green Plan has been elaborated, and this in collaboration with the COGERNO. This document proposes guiding lines in order to achieve concrete environmental goals. The Green Plan includes five main themes, such as material, water, energy, earth and air, in which are enumerated tangible actions that will bring the institution to become more environmentally-friendly on a daily basis.

Our team hopes that this Green Plan will inspire other organisations and businesses to take on these steps both for the present and future generations to come.

The Green Plan: New Brunswick Botanical Garden

Did You Know?

Download the document below and discover relevant information on the world of water, composting, companionship, recycling, butterflies and plants.

Did you know?

Green Action Tour

The New Brunswick Botanical Garden Green Action Tour illustrates the environmental initiatives that have been developed and applied at the Garden. In general, this tour will allow visitors to become more sensitive to our practices, strategies and techniques. Integrated and complementary to the traditional tour, the Green Action Tour contains the following benchmarks that will bring more pertinent information in relation to environmental initiatives. Its goal is to raise awareness and promote "greener" alternatives. Download the pdf version of the document now!

Green Action Tour



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