This unique exhibition features a very special type of insect from the phasmid order. They have a few nicknames: stick insect, leaf insect or twig insect. They are camouflage and mimicry experts which makes them very intriguing and mysterious. A ton of interesting information accompanies the various species showcased.

Articles and Documents

Article phyliidae Journal Montréal 1 Nanophyllium australianum Faunitaxys 2018 1
PhylliesQSjuil2018 1 Phyllium bourquei Zootaxa 4365 (2) 101 131 1
Phyllium brossardi Cumming, Le Tirant & Teemsma, 2017 1 Phyllium shurei Cumming & Le Tirant, 2018 Faunitaxys f25 1

spiny leaf insect smallinsect 1190879Small