Who Are We?

We are a team of passionate people, who make every effort to provide you with a unique experience. Who will you run into in the garden? As soon as you arrive, we will greet you with a smile and be happy to give you all the information you need to enhance your visit.  Are you hungry? No problem! Enjoy yourself at Café Flora. Sit on the magnificent terrace or attractive indoor area.  Our Chef and his attentive staff will surprise you with a menu filled with unique flavours and specialty desserts that will leave no one indifferent. In our garden, you may come across our attentive gardeners, who are very caring about the garden. Come and admire the fruit of their labour, which translates into beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, edible plants, mosaics and more! Inside the garden, you can also take the time to observe and chat with our artists-in-residence who will showcase their art and share the secrets of their craft.  Every Thursday in June, July and August, come and enjoy the activity called: Plein air au Jardin. This initiative led by a group of artists features painters who settle all over our garden to paint magnificent landscapes.

As you go through the garden of medicinal and aromatic plants, stop at the herbalist shop to meet our herbalist who will share secrets for the use of many plants. At our herbalist shop, you may come across other team members or invited speakers who will offer workshops during the summer.

Education also plays an important role in the garden, so don’t be surprised if you come across our summer camp animators with their groups. Our team also works hard to offer you unique and rallying activities such as our La Sortie Branchée en Acadie, la Grande Grouille d’automne and Le Jardin emballé. Come and have fun with us. No matter the time of your visit, I hope you will meet them all because they form an incredible team! Welcome to our garden.

Josée Bérubé
Executive Director of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden