Thematic Gardens

In addition to our medicinal and aromatic plants garden and Khronos, the New Brunswick Botanical Garden features several thematic gardens:

The Rose Garden

A magnificent collection of rosebush decorates this garden, which is simply exquisite.

Almost all summer long the rose garden offers pleasure for every sense. Whether it’s through the unfolding of splendid colors, the enchanting odors, the sounds of the birds or the light background music, you will certainly be seduced by the romance of this garden.

Rose du Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick Rose du Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick

The Alpine Garden

From the highest point of this garden, a splendid view of the site is offered to you. In fact, the alpine garden is a replica of a mountainous environment which is the home of many alpine plants found in different parts of the world. It also serves as the starting point for one of the main attractions of the Botanical Garden; the waterfall.

Above all, be sure to admire the little secrets that this garden meticulously hides.

The Ericaceae Garden

As nature regains in energy and bursts to life in the spring season, the ericaceae garden is already set to greet the first visitors. While offering incredibly beautiful flowers, these plants represent a unique aspect of our region due to their ability to survive in our cold climates. This makes the rhododendrons garden an exceptional attraction during the first weeks of the summer season after which, the shape and texture of the garden will maintain the interest all summer long.

Perenials Garden

Day after day, year after year, the perennials garden amazes every visitor that wonders along its path. With its beautiful array of colors, odors and scale, it suggests arrangements which are transforming all season long. The sun and heat provide the essential elements needed to ensure the blooming of some of the most impressive flowers in the Botanical Garden.  A garden that must be seen from June all through September!

The Flowery Brook

You will like it in a heartbeat! It’s in this well furnished garden that the water circulating through the Botanical Garden returns to the Madawaska River.  Paths that follow the stream offer a memorable look, from one season to another.

During the summer, the aquatic plants and the perennials show their nicest colors.  When fall arrives, the flowery brook takes a fresh new look with the ornamental grass transforming to fit in the new background decor.  Many birds and ducks are also a prestige element in this garden.

The Shade Garden

For those who are seeking freshness, calm and serenity, the shade garden is the designated spot. The trees overlooking the garden form a natural roof which ensures the right amount of light to shine through to sustain the shade and light-shade plants.

Take time to sit and admire the beauty of nature; the ducks floundering in the near lake. The shade garden is definitively the ideal part of the garden to relax and take a break before continuing the visit.

The Annuals

From year to year, the annuals garden refreshes its look and beauty to welcome visitors from the moment they set foot on the site. Every plant is produced in our nursery and is carefully planted at the beginning of each season.

Numerous flower beds symmetrically shaped and containing hundreds of plants can be discovered. In addition to their unique and different character every year, the annuals will charm you as they know how to make themselves beautiful all season long.