Herb Shop


The Herbalist shop : The Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Garden

Discover the medicinal and aromatic plants garden and its Herbalist shop! Covering approximately one acre, this garden features over 100 species of perennials, annuals and biennials for therapeutic, culinary, cosmetics and decorative uses. Initially, this pavilion was built thanks to the participation of Ms. Chantal Dufour, herbalist therapist and owner of ViV-Herbes, an artisanal herbalist located in Lejeune, Quebec. She was instrumental in setting up the Herbalist Pavilion and its garden, with the help of a landscape architect, a horticulturalist, an architect and an engineer.

Overlooking the garden, the herbalist shop houses: a kitchen for processing (medicinal and aromatic herbs, edible flowers, etc.), demonstrative dryers showing the plants and their brilliant colours, and from which emanate subtle fragrances, a herbarium of Acadian plants, an exhibition space to present plants and their uses through the ages, all in a magnificent apothecary setting.

The herbalist’s shop is a demonstration building, it is ideal for accommodating groups on guided tours and for offering workshops of all kinds. Among the workshops offered in season we find: edible flower tasting, hands-on workshops for various herbal products, information workshops about aromatic and medicinal plants in addition to workshops on the environment, biodiversity, fauna and flora. Come and meet our certified herbalist as well as our other partners and passionate employees who will pass on their knowledge to you on their subjects of predilection.

The Herbalist shop and its thematic garden allow the New Brunswick Botanical Garden to stand out by adding several species of medicinal and aromatic plants to existing collections, by transmitting and perpetuating ancestral knowledge, by enhancing the use of plants in our daily life and by awakening visitors to their riches. It also makes it possible to design educational projects, exhibitions and to offer workshops and conferences on the subject. And this, to the delight of visitors!

Come and discover several plants and their multiple uses: therapeutic, cosmetics and culinary. An interactive, enriching and unforgettable exchange with the plant world!