Vision & Mission


The New Brunswick Botanical Garden wants to be a place of discovery, learning and conservation of plant diversity. It also aims to demonstrate the links between the arts and nature as well as those between humans, science and the environment.


The New Brunswick Botanical Garden mission is to raise awareness and educate the population of the province and elsewhere, on plant species richness and on conservation and biodiversity issues. The Garden is also a place of relaxation and entertainment where the arts, culture and recreational tourism activities enrich the visitor experience in a space of discovery.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The New Brunswick Botanical Garden adheres to the elements of the International Agenda for Conservation in Botanical Gardens in its context and according to its ability to contribute. This international agenda frames the mission of most of the major botanical gardens on the planet. In addition to the missions resulting from this commitment, the New Brunswick Botanical Garden, as the province’s recreational tourism infrastructure, also fulfills a mission of entertainment and promotion of the arts and culture.