Grande Grouille 2022

GrandeGrouille2015 361 Modified FB 1400pxThe Grande grouille d’automne (Tickets online) is a colourful festival that normally takes place on the first full weekend of October, after the regular season has closed. This festival has become an unavoidable activity in the region. The Garden is completely transformed with enchanting scenery and lots of entertainment. Musical performances are given every evening. There are also plenty of good things to eat and drink with Café Flora’s special Grande grouille menu, the local brewery and the famous hot gin cocktail.

This year, the theme is: Travel around the world. Come with us to discover the culture of 72 countries which have come to enrich our region! The decor of around 40 countries thought by the people from the countries represented with our events coordinator. For this edition we can count on the invaluable collaboration with the Communauté francophone accueillante du Haut-Saint-Jean et le Centre de ressources pour les nouveaux arrivants du Nord-Ouest Inc.

To succeed, we need motivated employees, good planning, sponsors and lots of volunteers. A large part of the population is mobilizing to make this event a success. Many partnerships have been formed over the years, including the one with the leadership class of the Polyvalente A.-M. Sormany or the Atelier des copains, the Atelier Tournesol, l’atelier des hirondelles, le collège communautaire du N.-B., le vitrail and so on. There are also around 100 volunteers who lend a hand before and during the event.

Come see us at the next Grande grouille festival and you will understand why people are coming back!

This video will give you an overview of the 3 major events taking place in our garden:

Promotional video – Discover our events